Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Grand Re-Opening of Fotos de Karina

If you've been on my site, you may remember this image from the past. Unlike the other Mental Margaritas, this one does not herald the addition of new images. It heralds something even greater - The Grand Re-Opening of Fotos de Karina!

Fotos de Karina is now the place for original, ready-to-hang canvas printed photography.

I am so excited about being able to offer you this new way to enjoy your favorite fotos de karina. Here's a sample of a 12-inch square canvas print done with black edges, hanging in its new home:

I chose the above calla lily for testing this new method and it came out beautifully. In fact, that 3 foot by 3 foot print will be auctioned off on 2/21 at the benefit for Leah Vanpoelvoorde's mother, Corki. (Please contact for more info.)

This option really makes the former professional organizer part of me happy. (You can take the girl out of organizing, but you can't take the organizing out of the girl. I know, I've tried.) Why it makes me happy is that I can rest assured that people who invest in my work will now end up with something that's ready to go up on the wall, as opposed to something they have to deal with getting matted and framed, which takes time, money and effort. So here's to life being as simple as possible!

And yes, I still have standard printing available if you've got the perfect frame you're just dying to use. Check out the "standard printing" page of the site.

I could go on and on, but, well, I already have here:
Fotos de Karina canvas printing

Questions? Comments? Lemme know!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mental Margarita from February 6, 2008

Thanks for reading the blog! I really enjoying writing, as those of you who formerly read my monthly organizing tips know. So I'm glad you're reading.

I've noticed an interesting thing as I complete the transition from my professional organizing business to my art photography business. When I was starting Organized for Success, I thought that to appear legitimate, I had to be a "we." As if a one-person business wasn't a real business. So during my 30-second commercials at the Chamber, I would say, "At Organized for Success, we strive to blah, blah, blah," or "Call us today to get organized!" One time after I sat down, my friend leaned over and said, "Do you have a mouse in your pocket?"

I gradually realized I wasn't fooling anyone, and there was nothing wrong with being a one-woman show. With Fotos de Karina, this blog and the Mental Margarita, and even the web site, I have the opportunity to share myself with you. It's just me, taking pictures, ruminating about them and life in general, and you writing back to me, which I love. It's a very different quality. I think having a business background is helpful, but first and foremost I'm an artist, sharing her work/self. And in that kind of business, I get to be an I. And your participation and feedback makes it us.