Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kitten Yoga

OK, so this has nothing to do with photography -- I just had to share.

I had the pleasure last week of kitty sitting our neighbor's kitten, Max. One day I did some yoga, which as you know is about both strength and relaxation. Having a kitten tearing about, leaping from couch to chair to table and back again, attacking everything in sight, makes the relaxation part a bit more challenging.

My yoga pants have a draw string on them that was fun to bat at while I was in an inverted pose. The yoga mat was great to chew on and attack and kick. I took out my ponytail holder to do a stretch on the back of my neck and it was immediately reassigned to "toy" status.

And of course the final pose, called corpse pose, where you lay on your back under a blanket, consciously relaxing every part of your body, is particularly interesting when each part of your body is being systematically pounced upon. (I don't know how Max's people sleep at night!)

This is my no-longer-relaxed foot under the blanket. At least laughter is good for relaxing!!!