Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mental Margarita from October 16, 2007

Well, it's an overcast, sick day for the Usserys today. Raymond came home with a bug on Friday and still hasn't shaken it. I was so sure I wouldn't get it because I had it a month ago. Alas... It's not too bad for me though, I think since I just had it. I'm calling it "Virus Lite."

Anyway, it's giving me a chance to update you and the site and the Mental Margarita. I'm starting to get into a rhythm here of taking new pics, sending them to Kate to do the watermark (thanks, Kate!), uploading them to the site, writing and sending the MM, etc. Like any new venture, I'm not sure where this one will take me but I'm certainly enjoying the ride thus far. I am drawing on all the great stuff I learned being a Professional Organizer, at Landmark, at the National Speakers Association, at the National Association of Women Business Owners, and so on.

The biggest support for me in all this, is you. So far, I know every single person on my Mental Margarita list. You all represent those communities I just named, plus friends and family. Even though I now live in another town from most of you, I absolutely feel the connection with you, through reaching out to you this way. I love hearing back from individuals. And it's just in the knowing that that network of you is out there, that I am supported. So thank you!

And now the next stage begins - reaching out to those I don't yet know. I'm sure this blog will do that. I hope the Mental Marg will begin to spread. I am committed to keeping the personal tone and touch with this, regardless of how many I don't know. That's what's so amazing about the world now. Some people have suggested that I get on My Space and FaceBook, and yes, that will be next. But again, it is you that this is for. So thank you for appreciating my art and for staying in touch!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mental Margarita from October 3, 2007

When I emailed this image out to my Mental Margarita list, I made a joke about how great it would be if this rose picture came with scratch-and-sniff technology. You have no idea how badly I want that right in this very moment. As I compose this blog, my 16 year-old Border Collie, Zeus, is lying by my desk. He has to be underfoot, but he has the WORST gas today. Oy. I have a scented candle (gardenia, not rose, as would be appropriate for this post) burning right under my nose, but it's no use. The boy is fragrant. Yarg.

Anyway, regarding art, photography, and life in general, I saw a quote today by Anais Nin I had seen before, and I was happy it fell into my lap again:

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"

I think that's what I love about photography. It allows me to take something that "is" and show it to you the way I see it, or the way I am. If you were to shoot it, you'd show it to me the way you are. If I ever teach a photography class, I think this would be an interesting assignment: have all the students take a picture of the same thing, but give them no further instruction. It would be fascinating to see the many different expressions of themselves.

Oh, man, Zeus just let loose again. I have to sneak into another room for a while. Thank God for laptops. I hope he doesn't follow me in... and here he comes, tail a-wagging. Dogs.

Mental Margarita from August 2007

Just doing a little catch-up here. This is the first Mental Margarita - a treat for your eyes and a break for your brain - that I sent out to a small list.

This succulent was one of the very first images I took after picking up the camera again after almost 20 years...

We had moved to central Mexico, the city of San Miguel de Allende, and I finally had the space and the time to be creative again. It was almost accidental, but I'm grateful for the way everything conspired in my favor.

The house we rented was (unbeknownst to us at the time) just a five minute walk from the Jadin Botanico (Botanical Gardens) where the plant life, especially the cacti and succulents, begged me to take their pictures. I was happy to oblige them! This image is one of my favorite from that time, and you can also see it in color on the site.