Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Lately I've been looking back at some of my earliest images. This is one of my favorites, from almost eight years ago when we moved to central Mexico for six months.

That move was such a departure from life as we had known it. I found myself with time to wander and explore, and discovered a botanical garden about a half-mile from the home we were renting. I borrowed Raymond's camera (never to be his again, as it turned out) and I was off. I hadn't been making photographs since college, and the joy of it came back to me at once.

Making time to explore has been a part of my life since then. Each time we've moved to a new area, I've delighted in discovery. Even now, being in Seattle for five years, I still make myself stop and go look. Sometimes it just shows up, like when walking my dog this bright and sunny morning, we turned a corner and right into a wispy, drifting fog bank. Magical.

If you're not already, I invite you to make time to stop and explore every day. Just look. Notice the details. Be here now. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Looking back over my last few posts, I see a theme was growing and gaining momentum... It's time for a change. I'm still not quite sure what that change is, but I trust I will discover it in good time. It may even be a re-ignighting of the passion for nature closeups that I've been making for so long. But I suspect it'll be a new direction in my art.

But just a few days ago I was inspired by a rose my husband gave me on the 24th anniversary of our relationship. Just this one rose of the dozen had this amazing spiral pattern at its heart... So I made a photograph of it. A nature closeup. Guess I'm not quite done with those yet.

And now we're gearing up for long summer holiday rest. No email, no Facebook, and very few solid plans over the next couple weeks. I have an intention - but not a goal - that a new focus will become illuminated. Or a new inspiration and clarity will take hold. I often get my best ideas when I'm most relaxed. So here's to that, and I hope you also enjoy your 4th of July holiday.

Ta ta for now!