Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mental Margarita - Grupo

Most often, something catches my eye because of its singularity, or its color or shape. But it's usually a single flower or leaf that jumps out at me. Here, it was the overall pattern of these little succulent stars that grabbed me. And I liked that even though there are numerous plants in this group (grupo, en Espanol), a few of them seemed to glow just a little brighter than the rest, giving the eye a resting spot, if you will.

Now regarding the singularity theme, I have been experimenting with isolating subjects in a light box. This does seem to allow their essence to be brought forward with no distractions in the background. And another benefit in creating studio shots is that I'm no longer limited by the weather, the light, etc. I create my own conditions, which on a blustery day like today (when a flower wouldn't be able to hold still for me to have its picture made) is the difference between getting the shot or not. But my preference is still to find that little piece of nature right where it is and to share it with you. I'll be creating and sharing more of these studio images soon. Stay tuned!