Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mental Margarita - Pink Star

In the spirit of the new year, I've been organizing, culling, sorting. (If you weren't aware, my former career was professional organizing, and you can take the girl out of organizing, but you can't take the organizing out of the girl! Which is a good thing.)

I went through my photos from last year, revisiting hundreds of images, and found several that with a little cropping or a fresh perspective, really caught my eye. This tiny succulent flower had such a metallic sheen to it, it was almost blindingly bright. I like how the soft focus around the stamens balances the shine on the petals.

Going through all those images from last year made me so ready for spring. Although many trees are still bare, some are now sporting buds, promises of flowers to come. I cut a forsythia branch and forced it to blossom, which only intensified my longing. Although I love this chilly and sometimes snowy weather, I want my vernal equinox! But, in the spirit of being here now, I am working on images of ice and frost -- probably my next Mental Margarita.

Stay tuned!