Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mental Margarita from June 26, 2008

Although I love making pictures around here (so pretty! always changing!) I am really looking forward to next week: Florida. (So no post, probably. Did you know I was posting weekly now? It's true - I'm telling the story of our grand adventure. Check it out!)

I notice the evolution of my photography seems to be that I'm getting a lot closer to things, and therefore, slightly more abstract. I like that sometimes it's not clear what the image is - just that the lines are arresting, or the colors or patterns are interesting. Look Ma, I'm growing!

PS - One more thing about the weather for all you Phoenicians: Last weekend we were in the car, sunroof open, windows cracked, but I was hot. I told Raymond, he said he was, too. Then I looked at the temperature gauge: 72. We cracked up! And wisely discarded the notion of calling our AZ friends and whining about how hot we were. You're welcome.

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