Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Stories of Releasing Stuff

This week I'm sharing others' perspectives on major life decluttering. Please read the article by Sonja Haller that appeared this week in the Arizona Republic. She interviewed me as well as other folks radically simplifying their lives.

Check it out: Cleaning out their lives

And if you're checking out this blog because of that article, please read some of the earlier posts for more ideas on simplifying life. Thanks for visiting!

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Wes Hopper said...

Hi, Karen
Saw the article and got caught up on your adventure. "What a long, strange trip it's been." We've been through our own life adventure in the last 4 years, with some decluttering. Not as dramatic as yours, but I really appreciate your perspective.
In 2004 we left Phoenix for Kansas City for Sandy to go to Unity ministerial school. In Jan 2007 we moved to Lakeside in the White Mts - no jobs, no reason, except that if we were going to wait for Sandy's ministerial job to appear we wanted to wait in a nicer place. We're still here. Life has many surprises. Fortunately my training business is transportable.
All the best to both of you.
Wes Hopper