Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ending the Story of the Adventure

Back in June I began responding to the numerous requests to share about how we massively decluttered our lives and went on this adventure. We began in Mexico and ended with new artistic careers in Seattle.

And now I think I’m done sharing about that. I don’t mean I don’t want to talk about it anymore, I’m happy to. I’ve just said what I’ve had to say on the topic, unless someone asks for something else.

I will say one more thing, perhaps in closing, which is this:

There is something extremely powerful in releasing your possessions and setting up your life to be free to do whatever it is you are embarking on. Not owning a home, cars or stuff is tremendously liberating.

It can also be so liberating, you may not feel grounded.

Now that we have been in one place for nine months, with a car, freshly acquired furniture, and a new cat, I am enjoying the benefits that being grounded provides for me. I am feeling the kind of joy that comes not from experiencing something new and wild, like one does while traveling, but the joy that comes from a deeper place. A stillness. A serenity.

I know that some people access that deep joy while traveling. What I’ve learned about myself is that it’s my nature to nest. That stability gives me peace. I guess I’ve always known that on some level, because if given the choice when traveling, I’d rather set up camp in a small town in a foreign country and soak up the culture there rather than take a tour and try to see everything.

So although I have enjoyed the adventure, and gained immensely from living lightly in numerous places these last few years, I am happy to be home again. It’s a new home, to be sure, but it is home. And at the risk of sounding corny, I will also say I am at home with myself even more so for having made the trip.

I will continue to post Mental Margaritas here. And if in the future I am so moved to use this blog for another purpose, well then, that's what I'll do!

My thanks to those of you who asked for this conversation, communicated back to me about it, or simply participated by reading it.


Patricia said...

"...because if given the choice when traveling, I’d rather set up camp in a small town in a foreign country and soak up the culture there rather than take a tour and try to see everything."

I hear ya sista. I felt so much pressure to tour Paris that I almost missed experiencing it. I'm so loving it here in Avignon though. Right now I'm snuggled up in my bed catching up on my bootlegged episodes of Y&R. Even though the hotel doesn't officially have room service, the night manager was generous enough to bring me tea. I've taken a yummy shower, my clothes are clean and the rest of my crap is scattered about the room. I can't think when I've felt more settled and I haven't even been here 12 hrs. I love you Karen and thank you for your notes on my blog. BTW, your French comment translated to "...your photos seem staggering..." I'm not sure if staggering was quite what you intended but I'm clear you had high praise for my photography so thank you for the compliment nonetheless. Au revoir.

Raymond Ussery said...

Your insight gives new color to the the rolling vista of this adventure. Thank you for sharing so powerfully. Thank you for making the journey more than just traveling or moving about, you have made it and you continue to make it, an organic experience of learning, loving and growing.