Friday, June 7, 2013


I made this image this week after watching a video about creating fantastic (surreal) art through collage. Although not inspired after watching to create collage, I was inspired to play with elements of form and create my own patterns and design.

When I first start making and sharing photographs after an almost 20 year absence, for some reason I had a rule that I had to capture my subjects as they were. Nothing came into the studio, it all had to be shot where it was, as it was. No idea why I had that rule. I was aware of it, but unaware of its origins.

When I finally started breaking it, I began to expand as an artist. I think part of the process of growing as an artist is to continue to see one's self-imposed limitations and choose to go beyond them. Wait -- that's the process of growing as a human. Damn, but I'm wise for a Friday. So here's to going beyond the rules, whatever they may be.

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