Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mental Margarita - Vivid Blue

Everyone keeps going on about what a cold winter it was, but being our first, we had nothing to compare it to. We loved the snow and ice (well, we loved it except when one of us had to slog uphill to catch the bus in it...) but it's official: spring has sprung!

I took this and many other images at the Conservatory at Volunteer Park in Seattle. The greenhouse rivals the one in Golden Gate Park but it's free. So these plants and flowers on my new page, had they been out in the elements, probably wouldn't be doing their spring dances quite yet. But things are blooming all over and the sun's been out and it's been lovely. I know we may get more cold weather yet but I don't care. Spring is here!

I also shot a bunch of succulents and cacti at the Conservatory (I will never tire of them as subjects, apparently) and I'll be sending those in the next Mental Margarita. We're coming home to the desert for a family reunion next weekend, so I suspect I'll be in a desert plant mood when I prep the next batch of images.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out all the new images at fotos de karina - new.


Debby Taylor said...


This is probably my favorite photo from among all you have posted here.

Thanks for sending these out!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Karen! You infuse every image with love